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Manifesting Dreams of the Future

I have been encouraged to utilize a Blog to share some insights that I have gained over my 45 years of business experience regarding managing change. So today will be the first of many and I hope that in some way that the information in my articles will help your organization become even more effective with managing change. Even if your organization is perfect today (which is not likely) the world is rapidly changing so your organization must be changing to keep up with the changing world.

I will be providing new Blogs at least weekly. Starting with the next Blog I will describe some critical steps an organization needs to make before you can even start an effective change process. Each article can be used by itself or in conjunction with others. Next I will describe a sequence of six steps in a change model that I have developed covering one step in each article. Upon completion of describing my model I will start offering multiple other suggestions to consider including ones for improving teamwork which is required for a high performance organization.

I would appreciate your feedback regarding the usefulness of these Blogs so feel free to contact me if a discussion could be helpful to you. I really enjoy talking about change. Send me an email to schedule a time.