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Can you manage change effectively without outside help?

Having the right consultant to assist your organization with manifesting your dreams of the future can be a huge benefit.  The right consultant is a person with a proven track record that can be verified by good references.

There are multiple things to consider when looking for the right consultant.  It is very important that they have an effective model for managing change.  It is critical that they be able to develop a good working relationship with the leadership team.  They should also have many other tools, techniques and methodologies as they can be of great assistance. They must have the ability to develop the leadership group into a team as I referenced its importance in my last article. The outside resource will not be wearing blinders that members of the organization might have as they evaluate possible important changes.  This person can also challenge team members when fellow team members might hesitate.  Having the consultant follow up with periodic visits after the process starts can serve as a conscious for the team.  I have found it amazing how a leadership team might not follow through with the changes they planned on their own but are more likely to follow through if the consultant is going to be returning.  Following through with plans is critical!

I plan to write a series of articles in my Blog that will describe a model I have developed.  It can be used by your leadership team to identify your dreams of the future and how to develop and implement an ongoing change process for manifesting them.  My clients have decided to refer to this model with several different names including:  Manifesting Dreams of the Future, Managing Change, Continuous Improvement, Building the High Performance Organization, Roadmap to Success, Strategic Planning and others.  These are all appropriate because in my opinion it does them all.  Since the majority of my clients prefer Strategic Planning, that is the term I will use in these articles.

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