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Are all groups doing what they can do to support your overall organization’s Vision?

The model I have been referencing in previous blog articles is the process that can be used for an overall organization.  Each step in the process has been described in previous articles.

The model below it is the one that can be used in various groups within an organization to ensure the appropriate focus of efforts and I call this a Continuous Improvement Process.  Examples could include business units, divisions, departments, a group of production workers and actually any work group. 

The following describes the differences between the two models. 


The Vision step in the high level model as described previously includes three documents for the entire organization: Mission Statement, Values and a Vivid Image.  The first step in the model for groups is to just develop their Mission Statement.  Mission Statements for any group can ensure clarity to what they are trying to accomplish. They do not need a separate set of values.  I have found that a Vivid Image is not needed unless the group is an actual business unit. 


You will notice that Strategies are not a part of the model for groups as they are typically not needed.  Again, an exception could be if the group is a business unit. 

Measurement, Initiatives, Implementation and Monitoring:

The last four steps in the model are the same.


As these groups develop these documents they should keep in mind the documents developed by the leadership for the entire organization.  As groups develop their documents they need to share them with the top leadership team to ensure that they are supportive.

Once top leadership supports the group’s plans they need to be shared with the rest of the people in the group to let them know of the plans for the future, solicit their input and gain their support.

Are all of your people properly focused on the most important changes to be making?