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Are you aware of what a facilitator can do to assist a team?

There seemed to be a lot of interest in an article that I published recently on facilitation.  So I have decided to provide additional information.  First let me provide my definition as to what a facilitator is.  A facilitator is a person that uses various tools techniques and methodologies to assist teams with increasing their effectiveness as they strive to accomplish their objective. 

A facilitator can be used many different ways.  Just to offer one example as the role of leading a meeting.  Some organizations like to have a facilitator actually lead meetings and there are situations where that is a very good option.  Other organizations want the facilitator to work with the team’s leader prior to the meeting to develop an agenda and overall plan but then the leader would actually lead the meeting.  The facilitator would sit in the back of the room, observe the process and possibly speak up at times during the meeting. 

It is critical before a facilitator starts to work with a team that they meet with the team and collectively decide what the roles of the facilitator will be.  The facilitator can offer suggestions but ultimately it is the team’s decision.  I refer to this process as negotiating a contract.

I frequently recommend that the team leader lead the meeting and the facilitation role is more of a behind the scene role.  Attached is a Power Point slide document regarding how the role of a facilitator was contracted for all teams in one organization.  This can be used as one example of a facilitator contract. 


If you have never worked with a skilled facilitator I would recommend trying it.  Is it appropriate to judge the concept without giving it a try?