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Is teamwork an easier way to manage?


Teamwork is NOT an easier way to manage.  For example it is a lot easier to just tell someone what to do rather than taking the time to listen to their viewpoint (which could be a better way) or to get buy in to your decision.

Then why do it?  You should consider doing it because it provides much better results along with improved employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization.  It could be an edge that you would have over your competition.

Lots of organizations post teamwork posters on the wall and say they have teamwork.  However, very few organizations really understand teamwork in a business environment thus very few practice high performance teamwork.

Possibly a basketball team example could assist with understanding teamwork.  Five good players could be put on the court and be called a team.  However, if each player’s highest priority was how many points and boards they could get as an individual, would you expect to have good team results?  Thus good teamwork along with good skills is required for good results.  This is not only true for a sports team but it is also true for organizations.

Where would you start to consider changing your culture to one of teamwork?  Top leadership must learn to better understand it and see its potential value. 

The first step could be to find the right professional.  I believe that using a professional is required for effectively implementing teamwork.  There are thousands of professionals out there that say they are experts but the key is finding someone that has transformed a culture and thus can prove their abilities.  They should be able to help with understanding teamwork and what is required.

The next step could be to establish a pilot team for evaluating the process.  It could be a group anywhere in the organization where it seemed that the environment was appropriate.  The other option would be to start with the top leadership team so they could learn by experience and lead by example.

Thousands of books have been written on the subject so teamwork must have value.  Can you afford not to properly evaluate it as a possibility to make a real difference with the effectiveness of your organization?

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