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Do you have the right people in your meetings?

One of the inefficient uses of people’s time in a meeting is having people attend when it is not necessary.  The following are things to consider ensuring you do not have people participating appropriately. 

Rather than having some people come for an entire meeting, consider just having them come at a specific time for a particular topic.

Some people might not even need to attend if their participation is for only receiving information.  This could be handled by having someone that needs to attend the meeting to share key points with them after the meeting.

Should the purpose of the meeting be to just share information, possibly a meeting is not even needed.  Perhaps the information could be shared in writing.

Possible some people should be attending that are not and if not for the entire meeting, possibly a portion of it.

There is a tendency to be creatures of habit and an example could be who attends meetings.  It could be a good activity for your organization to have a review of all regular meetings to sure that the appropriate people are attending.