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Do your employees have appropriate goals?

I wrote in a recent blog article about the importance of having a job description.  That is the first step with ensuring clarification of expectations but it is at a high level and more details are needed.  A good means for doing that is to establish goals to accomplish.  Frequently the time period is for the coming year but they could be for any time period.

 The process for doing this is not complex.  Take each area of their responsibility and decide specifically what you want them to accomplish.  It is good to have as many as possible identified in a measurable way but it is not always possible to do so.  Below are some examples:


-Develop a new website by 11/15

-Develop a plan for better utilizing Social Media by 2/1


-Establish three new customers each month

-Increase sales for the year by 25%


-Conduct performance reviews for each of your people by 1/15

-Establish goals for all of your people by 2/1


-Reduce returns by 20% by 3/1

Personal development

-Propose a plan for development by 1/5


-Remodel and upgrade the offices by 7/1

Health and Safety

-No major violations on any OSHA inspections

-Reduce serious injury frequency by 20% in the coming year


There needs to be an agreement between the supervisor and the employee regarding the goals

Could your organization benefit from all employees identifying and focusing on the appropriate goals?