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Has the culture of your organization just happened or have you consciously developed one?

Core Values

Here are actions you might want to consider:


  • Members of your leadership team should

-Identify characteristics or the culture of your organization and have them do it without discussing it with others. 

-Then have a group discussion and strive to agree on a list of descriptors at this time.

-Is leadership satisfied that this is the culture they want?

-If not then identify what you would like for your culture to look like and hopefully reach a consensus. (You can Google Company Values and find lots of examples)

-Next develop a plan for how it can be achieved and implement the plan


  • A variation of this process would be to conduct an interview with a cross section of employees asking them to describe the organizations culture. Then merge this information with the thoughts of the leaders as they might not be the same


Having the appropriate culture for an organization can have a major impact on improving performance.  Are you brave enough to identify the culture of your organization and determine its appropriateness?