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Do you have a “personal” vision for the future and a plan for achieving?


Most business people understand the importance of having a vision of the future for their organization and a means of driving changes necessary to achieve it.  However, not many people do the same for their personal lives and I would contend that the personal visioning process is even more important.  Should you want to consider doing that, I will offer the following suggestions.

1. First of all create a Vivid Image of what you would like to see your life look like several years from now and from many viewpoints.  This could include your life from the perspective of your family, personal growth, work, recreational, financial, Spiritual, etc.  Be very specific and detailed.  I suggest that in fill one sheet of paper.

2. Then determine the three most important things to do during the next few months to take you on the journey toward that vision.

3. Next develop a written plan for implementing each of those changes.  This should have very specific actions and include dates for accomplishing each.

4. Now pick a time each week to review this plan.  Put on your calendar or to do list what you will be doing that week to support each of these important activities.  During this weekly review process you can continuously fine tune your plan.

The biggest challenge most people face in accomplishing this is to truly do this weekly activity and follow through with the plan.  My suggestion to assist you with this process is as follows.  Identify a good friend that will be willing to assist you with this very important process.  Explain to them what you have committed to doing.  Ask them if they would be willing to be your coach or conscious.  Tell them conceptually what you are doing and then share your actual documents with them.  Ask them if they will check with you periodically and ask how you are doing and offer encouraging comments.    Occasionally do something special for this person to encourage them to continue.


What could be more important for you to do for yourself than this?