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Have a good means for balancing the time spent on the strategic and tactical parts of your Strategic Plan?

Strategic Planning Model

The arrows across the bottom of the model represent a guide as to what is to happen at the leadership team meetings.  Since these meetings are typically monthly, it is not appropriate for the Vision and Strategies to be updated at each meeting.  This is why the line to them is a dotted line indicating that these documents should be reviewed periodically.  I recommend that they be reviewed annually or if some major event takes place, which would make it appropriate to revisit your Vision and Strategy documents. Examples could include the 911 event or if a major change takes place with one of your key competitors.

The arrow is solid to the Measurement step in the process representing that that step and the ones after it should be reviewed at each monthly meeting.

This process should go on forever.


Other comments about the Strategic Planning Process and the documents developed:

  • Soliciting input from others in the design of the Vision documents
    • The people reporting to the members of the leadership team
    • Sub groups
    • Possibly town hall meetings
  • Determine the most appropriate means for sharing the documents with employees
    • Meeting with all employees at once in smaller organizations
    • Meetings in sub groups for larger organizations
  • Uses for the documents
    • Posters, business cards and the website for the Mission
    • Have bulletin boards for documents
    • Posters for the Values
  • Have a means for accessing (Dropbox, server, etc.)

The Strategic Planning model described is for an entire organization.  In large organizations with divisions and departments there is application for a similar model in other groups.  My next blog article will explain how that can work


What are your first steps going to be to start improving your Strategic Planning Process?