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Would you like to be more successful implementing Initiatives?


Implementation, the fourth step in my model, represents how to go about successfully implementing each critical initiative.  One key reason organizations are not successful is attempting to work on more initiatives that the organization has the resources to support.  The solution to this problem is described in my previous article.  So we will start this discussion assuming the organization has identified a small number of important Initiatives.  The following are the steps that can be used for each Initiative to significantly increase the likelihood of success:

  1. Charter: A document that is developed by the leadership team.  This document brings great clarity to exactly what is expected, by when and who is to be involved.  This is a chance to get others in the organization, besides the leaders, involved in the change process.  People that do the work in a process that is to be improved should be the ones involved in the redesign.  Their knowledge about the process can be extremely valuable and their involvement will also increase commitment to implementation.  Click here for a sample charter template.  Click here for a definition of terms used and this will assist you with understanding how to fill out the form.
  2. Initial team meeting: Representatives for the leadership team should meet with the charter team.  They should explain the importance of the Initiative and go over the Charter to ensure that expectations are clear. 
  3. Develop plan: The team develops a high level plan for accomplishing the objective of their Initiative.  This plan is documented including what has to be done, who will do them and by when.  A format that I prefer is a Gantt chart and you can click here to see an example.
  4. Plan presentation: The proposed plan is presented to leadership for review, modifications are made if needed and approved.
  5. Implement plan: The team implements the plan.  The sponsor is a resource for the team, monitors the team’s progress and provides updates to the leadership team monthly.
  6. Closure: Upon completion the team is recognized and then disbanded.  The recognition should not be a gift of significant value.  It is more appropriate to be a token gift and would include a meeting with the leadership team.


See things that could assist your organization with improve Initiative Implementation?  Try them now.  The longer you wait the lower the likelihood of doing it.