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Do you have an internal change agent?


What is an internal change agent?  It is a person working for an organization that has had training with a wide variety of tools techniques and methodologies that can assist with many aspects of improving performance.  It could be described as an internal consultant. 

Why should you consider having a change agent?  They can assist in a wide variety of ways with examples including:

  • meeting facilitation
  • problem solving
  • managing change
  • mediation
  • improving working relationships
  • project management
  • process improvement
  • improving communications
  • conflict resolution
  • and others

A larger organization should consider having this as one or more full time positions.  Smaller businesses could have it be a part of someone’s job.  You can hire someone with the skills or they can be developed.  One requirement is that the person must have good people skills.

What are the advantages of having:

Internal resource: ease of availability, less costly and it is a great means for developing future leaders.

External resource: typically more expertise will have the eyes of an outsider and ease of disposal if they do not more than earn their money.

If you have not experienced using a change agent it is difficult to comprehend the value.  You could consider finding a business associate that has used the concept and asking them for their advice.  Should their advice cause you to want to have one then develop and implement a plan for obtaining one.