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Mid-Year Status Report


Yes believe it or not the year is half over!  A very important question to ask at this time would be are you satisfied with your accomplishments regarding the plans you had changed for this year?  If not what will you be doing differently during the second half of the year?  Remember the old saying that if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting?  Well that saying is no longer true!  The world is changing so rapidly that if you simply keep doing what you have been doing you will be going backwards!

You can prevent this by utilizing a process that I have designed for managing change or as some call it an ongoing Strategic Planning process.  It has been proven successful by many businesses…IF IT IS USED.  It can be found and described in detail in a series of Blog articles on my web site at http://www.eq-consultingservices.com/category/general/.  Look on the right side for Categories and click on Strategic Planning.  I hope you will be more pleased with your progress in the second half of the year!

Remember if you are not pleased with your current rate of change for achieving your strategic plan….do something different!