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Are the three “most important” changes your organization needs identified?

4 Initiatives

An Initiative is an important specific change that an organization needs to make in order to achieve their Vision.  Most organizations have a very long list of changes they want to make and often attempt to work on too many,  This often results in not successfully implementing some really important ones.  One key for successfully managing change is to always focus on the critical few.  These become the A priorities.  Here you take the time to cross the T’s and dot the I’s to ensure that the A’s happen and in a quality and a timely manner.  I will be discussing how to radically increase the likelihood this can happen in my next article.

Selecting the Initiatives is a responsibility of the leadership team.  The process for selecting is as follows.


1. Each member of the leadership team should “independently” identify what they feel are the top three possibilities.  The following are things to consider:

Vision: Review these documents looking for performance gaps

Strategies: Review these documents looking for performance gaps

Measurement KPIs: Where is performance below goals; what could be done to improve

SWOT analysis: Weaknesses needing improved; opportunities, threats

Customer needs: What are they and how to better meet

Employee needs: What are they and how to better meet

System needs: Do you have any type of system that is currently not meeting your needs

Assessments: Problems that have been identified with any type of assessment or audit

External forces: Are there regulations or pending regulations that should be addressed

Other: Anything else

2. A list is compiled of all possible Initiatives

3. The list is edited to remove duplications, etc.

4. The leadership team uses tools techniques and methodologies to reach “consensus” on the top three (good facilitation would be helpful)

5. The other Initiatives are placed on a list for possible future Initiatives

6. Once one of the top three Initiatives has been completed another is selected

7. This process should go on forever


How confident are you that your organization is focused on the top three initiatives?