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Is your process for driving change meeting your needs? If not check this out.

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I developed this model and have been using it successfully for managing change for 15 years.  As referenced in a previous Blog article it can be called many things with most organizations calling it either Strategic Planning or a Managing Change process and both are good descriptors.  The purpose of this article will be to provide a high level overview of the steps in the model.  Then I will a series of articles with one devoted to each step with more details should you actually want to use some or all of the steps.

Vision: What is the organization striving to achieve.  I recommend three documents that collectively describe the Dreams of the Future

Strategies: High level guides that will lead the organization on its journey to its Vision

Measurement: A means for measuring progress on the journey; a report card

Initiatives: Identification of the small number of the most important changes to be making at this time

Implementation: A methodology that significantly increases the likelihood that each Initiative will be successfully implemented

Monitoring: Guidelines for the leadership team to meet on what is usually a monthly basis to ensure that the process is working and the Vision is achieved

Arrows at the Bottom: The dotted line going back to the Vision and Strategies represents that these documents are only updated periodically.  This is typically an annual process or when something significant occurs that should indicate that they should be revisited.  The line is solid going back to the last four steps in the process indicating that those documents should be reviewed and updated at each meeting.


Are there things identified above that might be useful to your organization?  If so please watch for future blog articles.